Our House

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Front Yard
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Front Yard
Looking back through side yard to back yard
Entry from front yard
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Side of house
Side/Back yard from front
Back of house
DSC00099.JPG DSC00125.JPG DSC00126.JPG
Side/Front yard from back
Foothill Park from balcony
Foothill Park from balcony
DSC00127.JPG DSC00130.JPG DSC00131.JPG
Foothill Park from balcony
Foothill Park from balcony
Oak Tree
DSC00134.JPG DSC00164.JPG DSC00178.JPG
Foothill Park from balcony
Front yard from entry
Oak trees
DSC00180.JPG DSC00182.JPG DSC00184.JPG
Road in front of house
Front yard from driveway
Foothill Park from balcony
DSC00185.JPG DSC00187.JPG DSC00188.JPG
Palo Alto foothills and SF Bay from entrance road
Oak at Los Trancos Rd/Ramona intersection
Blurry, but young buck deer with a short rack
Its finally ours!

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Tuesday, January 11, 2005 12:56:42 AM
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