Inside Our House

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DSC00112.JPG DSC00113.JPG DSC00114.JPG
Jacuzzi Tub in master bedroom. definately changing the color
Master Bath
Shower in Master Bath, changing color, maybe replacing
DSC00115.JPG DSC00116.JPG DSC00117.JPG
Master Closet
Master Closet
Fireplace in Master Bedroom
DSC00118.JPG DSC00119.JPG DSC00120.JPG
Master Bedroom
Stairs up from Master Bedroom
Laundry Room. Replacing washer/dryer
DSC00121.JPG DSC00122.JPG DSC00123.JPG
Balcony doors off Great Room
Great Room
Great Room
DSC00124.JPG DSC00136.JPG DSC00137.JPG
Great Room
Great Room into Entry
Dining Room into Great Room
DSC00138.JPG DSC00139.JPG DSC00140.JPG
Stained glass in Entry Bathroom
Entry Bath
Entry Door
DSC00141.JPG DSC00143.JPG DSC00144.JPG
Staircase/Kitchen from Dining Room
Office Entry
DSC00145.JPG DSC00147.JPG DSC00148.JPG
Office Windows
Stairs up to Upper Floor
Upper Bath (gonna change color scheme)
DSC00149.JPG DSC00150.JPG DSC00151.JPG
Upper Bath
Extra Bedroom
View from Extra Bedroom
DSC00153.JPG DSC00154.JPG DSC00155.JPG
Kevin's Room
Kevin's Room. gotta fix closet doors
Looking down stairs from Upper Floor

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